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About the Founder

Madlyn Marshall, the Founder of G.R.A.C.E. Ministry, has a unique understanding of the struggles of managing debt , budgeting, and consumer credit concerns, especially within the Christian community. Her desire is to share her knowledge and experience.

Madlyn's background in corporate America includes over 40 years in the areas of Credit and Collections. Additionally, she served for over 13 years as the Chief Financial Officer of her local church. It was during those years that Madlyn developed her passion for the biblical principles of money management and desire to teach.

Madlyn is the author of several short stories and poems published under her own company, G.R.A.C.E. Publishing Inc. The publishing company was established to publish biblical studies, focused on money management, and fictional inspirational writing. The stories Madlyn writes are meant to offer encouragement, challenge the reader to grow in their faith walk, and most importantly, to turn to God as the source of their strength and provisions.

Between  then the ages 12-13 years old, Madlyn was exposed to spousal abuse, at the hands of her grandfather towards her grandmother who suffered from diabetes and dementia. Years later Madlyn herself also was the victim of an abuser, who physically abused her to the point of almost costing her life. These experiences fueled a desire to offer woman and children a way out of situations where they felt hopeless and alone. Understanding the feelings of shame and embarrassment few can comprehend, Madlyn has long desired to provide a safe place where women can heal both emotionally and physically from the scares of abuse. A place where their children will be safe and the cycle could be broken. G.R.AC.E. House will be such a place.


Madlyn is a recipient of the National Coalition of Women in Ministry, 2013 Esther Award.  She has earned both the Competent Communicator and Competent Leadership certifications from Toastmaster International. Is member of the Georgia Christian Business Network and on the Board of Directors for Words of Comfort Ministries, Inc.