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Jeremiah 17:9 says “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” The answer to that question is God can. In Romans 8:27, we learn “…he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.”

What do you consider to be of value to you? What is your heart’s desire? What do you love; is it material possessions, position, the approval of “man”? 1 Timothy 6:10 tells us “the love of money is the ROOT to ALL kinds of evil.” What is Timothy trying to say? According to Matthew Henry’s commentary; the congregants are endeavoring to have their religion work for them and their secular desires. Henry states that the truth Timothy is laying down is “godliness with contentment”. (1Timothy 6:6)

This viewpoint is in stark contrast with society’s view of success and accomplishments. According to the dictionary, the definition of success is; The favorable and prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors The attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like, A successful performance or achievement.  A person or thing that is successful. The accomplishment of an aim or purpose

The attainment of popularity or profit.

According to an article by Jeff Haden “The happier you are, the more successful you are.” Now we’ve introduced happiness! But is our being happy, biblical, and what is the difference between happiness and joy? In Matthew 6:33, Jesus tells us to “seek first the kingdom and His righteousness, and all “these” things will be given to you as well.” What is Jesus talking about when He says “these” things? Jesus, who was giving His Sermon on the Mount, had just given the parable about storing up treasures in Heaven, and admonishing the people not to worry about their needs, such as what to eat, drink or wear.

The people were concerned about their survival. They were under Roman rule, heavily taxed, and many lived in poverty. I can imagine hearing of the promised Messiah being in the land filled them with expectancy of freedom, and yes happiness finally! They were broken hearted and discouraged. Judea came under direct Roman administration in 4 BC, creating animosity between the Jews and the Roman. They were ready to be rescued.

But what Jesus was referring to wasn’t a physical treasure, but a spiritual treasurer. He wanted them to see that the pagans chased after those things, but they didn’t have to, if they had faith and believed that God would provide for them as He did for the birds of the air. In Matthew 6:32b He tells them “your heavenly Father knows that you need them. He also tells them that if they seek first His kingdom, the Lord will give them the desires of their heart!” Wow, imagine that! Getting the desires of your heart handed to you by the Most High, with His blessings!


So, what do we know? We know; ,The heart is deceitful. The love of money is the root to all kinds of evil. God searches and knows our heart. The world defines success in terms of gains, wealth, position, popularity. Our heavenly Father knows what we need. If we seek Him, He will supply all our needs. For the rest of the chapter, look for the "Whose Money Is It?" series coming soon.